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Whole House Surge Protection

Log Home in the Middle of the Forest During Heavy Night Time Lightning Storm. 3D Render Illustration.

Installing the TPS TK-TTLP-1S240-FL suppression filtering on upstream breaker panels will dramatically reduce the likelihood of damage occurring.  It is critical to protect any communication wire with long runs or that travels between buildings.  Damage may occur because the ground reference between buildings can become separated during a lightning strike. This will produce damaging transients and is the most common type of port failure. Link Your House has many successful installs with satisfied customers who have actually had lightning strikes and lost no major equipment or electronics. We recommend surge protecting all incoming point of copper to the home whether its a Phone line, Cable/DSS, Audio (Rock Speakers), Camera, or Gate control. Don’t wait until the peak of the storm season hits (March-September) to make the decision.   Call us today 770-209-0086 for a FREE in home consultation.  And if you decide you want it after our presentation we will offer you a discounted installation on a total Whole House Surge upgrade.


Whole House Surge Protection Diagram

Whole House Surge Protection Diagram

For more information on Lightning and Whole House Surge protection please contact Link Your House at 770-209-0086