Link Your House offers the best networking solution with products like the award winning Luxul brand. Increase your company’s bandwidth with the new Luxul routers and access points, with supporting speeds over 1 GB. These enterprise grade networks are fast and reliable, and can be monitored from a remote location. Just announced; Domotz in all new routers. Domotz allows the user and dealer to access the network from a remote location to avoid on site troubleshooting. The easy-to-manage interface allows users to monitor network speeds, connected devices and any security threats. Say goodbye to slow speeds, dead spots, and connection lost and call us today about the new Luxul routers and access points.

Eero has incorporated the new mesh network, creating connections from the router to all their access points. With TrueMesh, dead spots are a thing of the past, allowing the WiFi to hop from on access point to another. Eero routers provide ultra fast speeds, and secure networks allow you to keep your network safe. Eero has a compact design and a slick look, making it inconspicuous and a fit for any style home.