Enterprise Network Solutions

Luxul is a leading provider of plug-and-play professional-grade IP networking solutions for residential and commercial installations. They offer a comprehensive array of Gigabit networking solutions for any sized home or business with expansion in mind. Whether you are installing a single wireless access point or router, or require a high capacity network to support a dozen PoE surveillance cameras, Luxul aims to keep your network connected and performing at its peak. The new line of Luxul Routers, Wireless Controllers, and Wireless Access Points offer faster speeds than ever before. Our free network design will make sure there are no dead spots in your office, warehouse, etc. We work with Internet Service Providers like Comcast and Charter to create a headache-free transition. Once your network is in place, we offer services like Domotz to remotely monitor and manage your network. This allows us to eliminate unnecessary truck rolls and keep your router software updated. Also, you will be alerted when high priority devices are offline.

Luxul Products

Benefits of Luxul Network Solutions

  • High Capacity Data Transmission
  • Routers, Wireless Access Points, and Signal Extenders support Gigabit speed transmissions for networking and surveillance applicaitons
  • Provides powerful WiFi and PoE coverage to multiple devices inside and outside your building
  • Stream multiple 4K AV sources from the Internet or HD surveillance cameras Plug-and-Play Installation
  • Expandable network design and various mounting options simplify installation
  • Ethernet Switches and Power Distribution Units easily integrate with new or existing devices Whole Home Communication
  • Transmit across your property using wireless access points or PoE managed switches
  • Remotely manage Luxul network via Domotz online tool, sold separately

Link Your House has been certified to install all the Luxul line of produces and we offer a Customer Assurance Program to guarantee the performance of the network.