Security Cameras and Remote Monitoring

Nest IQ

The new Nest IQ is our featured product, allowing you to manage your cameras from a remote location, with no NVR needed to record. You can view thumbnails of multiple cameras or select one to see a large display. The NEST IQ built in pan and tilt automatically shifts and zooms on motion.

Check on your kids in the back yard or in the playroom while working at your desk to see that everyone is OK.

Keep an eye on your home from any smartphone or tablet.

Luma Surveillance

The powerful line of Luma Surveillance cameras with OvrC allow for up to 16 cameras per NVR. The Luma app has an easy to use interface that allows you to record on motion, view playback, and customize recording schedules.

Elan Home Control

The Elan g! Mobile Control provides a powerful and complete entertainment and home control interface to your iPhone, iPad or Android accessing your Home’s Systems locally and remotely via the Internet.

Elan g! provides sophisticated control solutions for your home theater, whole-house audio, security, climate, lighting, video cameras, irrigation, pool/spa and more. Check out how you can control your entire home from this portable and ever so iCool device you depend on for phone, email, music & fun.

  • iCool – easy and powerful interface to control your home control
  • iSmart – Expand the use of your iPhone or iPod Touch to control your whole home
  • iPowerful – Access and manage your home while away
  • iCandy – Elegant and intuitive screen layout

Link Your House’s Security Consultants are able to listen to your needs and concerns, and make recommendations based on them. Someone who has received extensive training on different products and their capabilities can give you valuable assistance. Properly trained Security Consultants will walk through your home or business with you, discuss your individual needs and concerns, and help plan the best system for you. CCTV may best serve your business, or Card Access, while your home may be best served by less perimeter protection, but more interior protection. You may have a need for remote panic devices. Be honest about your needs and work with your Consultant to design the right system from the start.

Designing a Surveillance System using CCTV for your home or office

There are 4 primary reasons to own video surveillance:

  1. To help IDENTIFY possible intruders, unauthorized people, or delivery persons.
  2. To help PREVENT accidents or criminal acts.
  3. To help PROTECT people and property.
  4. To help OBSERVE day-to-day events.

When deciding on what type of CCTV system one must consider the following: Is the surveillance indoor, outdoors, or both? Is it a hallway or parking lot? Are you protecting something of value, the perimeter or entry/exit of a building? Count the number of camera locations and always make note of the distance from the subject area to the camera lens. Make a special note to determine light levels in best and worst-case scenarios. This is important information to know before making an investment in a CCTV system. One must consider a viewing device such as Black & White or Color Monitor, a Television, Laptop, or PC. This is often dependent on the common area where the homeowner or business owner would primarily be viewing the CCTV System. Images can be captured using a professional DVR (Digital Video Recorder) type system that is stand-alone and can be accessed both locally and remotely via the local network or internet. Many DVR systems will support as few as 4 cameras and as many as 16. Most DVR systems will record a minimum of 24 hours of 60 IPS (Images Per Second) on a 160GB Hard Drive. There are options for up to 500GB drives that will give you a total of 85 hours at 60 IPS. Another option is a fully digital system with network cameras and a PC that will record all video at set intervals or when motion is detected. This way is the best for ease of mind and the convenience to view your cameras on any TV in the house (with optional adapter) and record to one location. You also will have the ability to pan, tilt and in some cases zoom in on an area that needs to be closely watched. With the network cameras, you also have the option for preset positions to allow you to move your cameras from one active area to another with the press of one button. You can also access all of your cameras remotely from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Link Your House focuses on providing end-to-end solutions to our customers.