Atlanta Smart House Wiring

If you are building a new home then you need to consider some form of structured wiring. By consolidating all of your communications (Phone, Data, Digital Video / Cable / Audio/ Satellite) to a central location within the home, you can take full advantage of the following: Faster Internet speeds, Distributed Video, Computer Networking and Intercom through telephones just to name a few.

What is Structured Wiring?

The wiring infrastructure in most homes has not changed in 50 years and is unable to fully support the technologies that are available to consumers today. However, today’s wiring system are created to handle today’s technologies and provide the electronics foundation for a “connected home.” This advanced infrastructure called structured wiring is necessary to ensure that your family can be connected to today’s services and prepared for new technologies.
Link Your House uses Residential Telecommunications Cable specifically designed for high performance residential applications. 4 Pair Unshielded twisted pair tested and verified by ETL to meet TIA/EIA 568-A Category 6 Standards. RG-6 Quad Shielded Coaxial Video Cable is used for demanding home entertainment applications including digital satellite (DSS) services, movies-on-demand, digital cable and HDTV applications.

Components of a home wiring system

An advanced home wiring system is usually comprised of three main components:

The Service Center:
The service center is the part where all outside services enter the home, including cable TV, telephone, DSS satellite, Internet, etc. This central hub distributes these services to locations throughout the house in a way similar to how the electrical breaker panel controls electricity flow.

High Performance Cables:
Certain services like digital satellite, high-speed Internet, and digital TV require high-performance cables to allow full access throughout the home. Most systems include RG-6 quad shielded coaxial cable for TV and video, and Category 6 or better twisted-pair cable for telephone and data. Coaxial cable provides maximum protection from interference with your TV picture. Category 6 or better cable provides high-speed access to multiple phone lines without cross-talk. These cables deliver all the performance you need today while providing the capacity to handle tomorrow’s technologies.

Multi-use outlets:
The outlets in each room determine which services are available in that room. Each outlet can be customized to a consumer’s specific needs based on which services are desired in each room (cable, Internet access, telephone, etc.). Without the proper outlets, the high-performance wiring behind the wall is of little value.

The investment

Regardless of size, location, or cost of a home, incorporating TIA/EIA 560/570 standards can add value to the home at resale and effectively ensure optimum access to all developing home communication, entertainment, security, and control technologies. A connected home can be achieved today with minimal investment and is not limited to customer construction.