New 2023 Technology

2023 is shaping up to be a big year for technology, and we at Link Your House want to keep you in the loop.

We install everything from the new Brilliant smart switch, to the new giant 8K TVs. Also, we offer designs and consultation of every new product that hits the market. Check out some of the articles to learn more about the future of technology.

Featured Articles

Control your home with the NEW Brilliant Smart switch.

NEST Hello a Better Choice Per Consumer Reports

NEST vs Ring Doorbell

NEST and Ring are highly competitive, fully-featured systems with a wide range of products on the market for consumer home security. Both companies offer do-it-yourself solutions for most needs. They also offer features such as professional monitoring. Overall, compared to other types of home security systems, both NEST and Ring are competitively priced. They do offer some of the most advanced security solutions and tech.

Both products are competitive, but there are differences to know about before making any purchase.

  • Both companies provide do-it-yourself installation and professional installation options which LYH is a NEST Pro
  • Nest pairs well with Google-based smart home features but also works with Amazon Alexa systems.
  • Ring pairs well with Amazon Alexa-based smart home features. Ring is compatible with Nest, too.

It’s possible to find solutions for a variety of needs, including home security, doorbell cameras that stand along, and security cameras for the home.