Smart Lighting Control

Control your lights, music, climate, locks and more.

Brilliant replaces any light switch in the home. It can be installed in just minutes with no additional hubs, wiring, batteries, or programming required. It instantly turns your lights into smart lights and gives you voice and touch control over all of your other smart home products. That’s more than smart — that’s Brilliant.

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Lutron Radio RA 2 is a great way to add Elegant Lighting Controls to any Project
Link Your House is one of the first companies to control whole house which has LED Lighting throughout with the Radio RA 2 Dimmers.


Elegant Lighting Controls

Lutron Radio RA II Lighting Control Solutions

Lutron Radio RA II Lighting Control Solutions

RadioRA 2 is a wireless total home control system. This energy-saving system
gives you the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light (using
light controls and automated shades) as well as temperature in a single room or
throughout your whole home. The system also turns off standby power to small
appliances when they’re not in use.

Another great option for Lighting is the Legrand RF Solution

Legrand RF Lighting Controls (RFLC) make perfect lighting so intuitive that it seems to read your mind. At the touch of a button, or a tap to your smartphone, you can command any lighting design – whether it’s for an intimate group of lights, multiple lights in a larger area, or a diverse array of lights throughout your home. Thanks to RFLC, setting the perfect lighting scene in a room, a group of rooms, or an entire house has never been this easy and convenient.

The advantage of controls that remember your favorite scenes.

RF Lighting Controls use two-way radio-frequency (RF) transmission to communicate with one another. With simple, effective electronic intelligence built into every device, there’s no need for a costly central control system. And because the controls don’t need to be connected with wiring, installation is just like that of traditional switches and dimmers: quick and economical. This approach makes RF Lighting Controls extremely versatile and easily configurable to match your needs and preferences. An RFLC control can be as simple as dimming a dining room chandelier from two or three locations, or as sophisticated as operating many lights throughout your home from your bedside table. And that’s just the beginning of what RFLC can do!

Make it look like you’re home – even when you’re not.