Oh no, Mother Nature is throwing more bad weather at us.  Snow, ice or wind snap a tree branch which falls on a power line causing disruptions in power, and when the power comes back on, it comes on with a slam. You see the lights turn back on, what you do not see is the damaging effects to your sensitive electronics.  Storms and power outages are uncontrollable, but with a surge suppression system protecting your home, you can control their destructive side effects on your equipment.


When trees or any foreign objects fall on power lines, they short circuit the lines. In some areas the poles have reclosers which sense a fault, open for a few seconds, and then they try to restore service by closing the circuit.   The reclosers will open and close the circuit three to five times until the fault is cleared.  So, when the lights blink several times in a row, it is probably the reclosers doing their thing. Depending on the size of the storm and the problems in the area the power could be out for hours or days, but the worst of the damaging surges are yet to come.  Most of the time the damage to equipment occurs when the power is restored.

During these types of events harmful power surges, spikes and transients enter the homes breaker panels and get distributed through the home to our electronics, appliances and other sensitive equipment.

Link Your House provides total solutions for all these types of power related issues.

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