Intrinsic Dev’s Tesla Vehicle Driver for ELAN® is a one-of-kind offering enabling any Tesla vehicle to communicate with an ELAN control system. The driver offers both vehicle commands and vehicle status feedback with a sleek interface that can be customized to the Tesla owner’s individual car model and color.

Feature highlights:

  • Start/stop HVAC
  • Flash lights
  • Honk horn
  • Set charge limit
  • Lock status
  • Internal/external temperature
  • Speed
  • Charge status
Elan and Tesla

Link Your Car-Elan and Tesla

“As the leading driver developer for the ELAN control platform, it’s important for us to be the first to offer much sought-after solutions for ELAN dealers. Intrinsic Dev bringing this luxury integration to market helps to cement ELAN as one of the leading bespoke solutions in the CI market.” — Will Hopkins, Intrinsic Dev CEO

Link Your House provides Smart Home Solutions by Elan.