Comcast Brings Back Its Data Cap, AT&T Waives Overages Through September

In March, a long list of internet service providers signed the FCC Pledge to keep customers connected for at least 60 days during coronavirus. Now that the 60 days are up, and after many companies opted to extend their pledge, we’re starting to see internet providers reverting back to their pre-pandemic policies.

Comcast recently brought back its limits on broadband usage for customers in 27 states. (A data cap is not enforced in the Northeast US where the company has competition from Verizon FiOS.) As of July 1, customers once again have data caps on their internet plans. For every 50 GB of data used after reaching that limit, customers are charged $10.

However, the company did increase the limit, now giving customers 1.2 terabytes of data. Comcast also announced that users can exceed that limit one month without penalty.

Just as Comcast put data caps back into place, AT&T announced that it will continue waiving overage charges through September 30, 2020.

“That means new and existing AT&T Fiber and AT&T Internet customers can continue to video conference, binge shows and movies, play video games, etc., and won’t see overage charges on their home Internet bill,” AT&T shared in a statement. Waiving overage charges does not extend to DSL and Fixed Wireless Internet, or AT&T Wireless Internet and Mobility plans.