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Nest Leads “Smart Home” Revolution
By CE Pro
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Home technology is no longer reserved just for affluent homeowners. Smart thermostats are the gateway to the connected home and the most-requested smart device.

The advent of smartphones has successfully opened up the wonders of home technology to the masses versus keeping it reserved only for the wealthy. But the gateway to the smart home revolution is the Nest thermostat. For integrators, app-based smartphone automation has brought affordable smart home technology to an entirely new market of potential customers built on smaller, repetitive installations. And while there are many smart home brands on the market, Nest has the highest brand recognition among consumers, according to a recent Google study. Moreover, Nest’s agnostic operating system enables it to work on either iOS or Android smartphones. As the demand for smart devices grows, so will the appetite to hire professionals to help with installation. Indeed, a study by Coldwell Banker reveals that one out of every three consumers says they are too scared to install home technology. Nest customers are the people who want to introduce smart technology into their home in the same way their phones have introduced smart technology into their lives. To learn more about how you can start installing Nest products and grow your business, please visit nest.com/pro.